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Paradigm Online TCM Dictionary

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The Paradigm Online Chinese Medical Dictionary (2011) is the largest Chinese-English English-Chinese listing of Chinese medical terms, containing over 30,000 terms. The English terminology is that represented by a Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine, by Wiseman and Feng, published by Paradigm Publications in 1998. It has been adopted as the standard terminology of Paradigm Publications, Blue Poppy Enterprises, and the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.

The updated 2011 version, currently available online only, offers search facility.

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『Paradigm線上中醫辭典』係最大的漢英英漢中醫名詞線上辭典,收錄超過三萬筆資料,其所使用的英文詞彙以「實用英文中醫辭典」(Wiseman and Feng, Paradigm Publications, 1998)為主。本辭典被Paradigm Publications 、Blue Poppy Enterprises以及Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine採用為標準中醫藥名詞翻譯格式。



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