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An Acupuncture Case History
Doctor Xiao Shao Qing

Wang X X, male, age 28, peasant.

Initial examination: 16 May 1969.

Patient’s Remarks:  The patient had developed mental abnormalities about two years before due to stress.  He had been examined and treated at X X Medical School Hospital, but with no result.  At present he could still not recognize his relatives, slept little and had no hunger, and at times had ceaseless laughing and frenetic movements.  In extremes he would mount a high place and sing out, strip off his clothes and run about.

Examination:  The pulse reading was string-like and rapid, the tongue substance was inordinately red, while the fur was yellow and greasy.  The pattern ascribes to mania pattern.  It is from depressed and stagnant affect-orientation, intense fire of the liver and gallbladder, and phlegm-turbid obstructing, leading to harassed and chaotic spirit light. 

The treatment is to clear heat and transform phlegm, arouse the brain and quiet the spirit.  Points selected: Shui Gou (GV-26), Feng Fu (GV-16), Da Zhui (GV-14), Tai Chong (LV-03), Jian Shi (PC-05), Shen Men (HT-07), Zhong Wan (CV-12), and Feng Long (ST-40).  All were used with draining method of strong stimulation.

Second Examination: 18 May.  After needling two days earlier, one could see a general calming of the agitated essence-spirit.  Only at night he had episodes of brain anger, and was unable to get to sleep.  Treatment still relied on the same point combination, with the additions of Si Shen Cong (M-HN-01), Xin Shu (BL-15), and Tai Xi (KI-03).

Third Examination:  20 May.  After two sessions of acupuncture the patient’s spirit was clear, while the mania and agitation had stabilized.  He slept quite contentedly at night.  On this day he was able to cooperate. His only complaints were dizziness, fatigued spirit, and torpid stomach intake.  Treatment was to course the liver and harmonize the stomach, and quiet the heart and spirit.  Feng Long was deleted from the original formula, while Yin Tang (M-HN-03), Gan Shu (BL-18), and Wei Shu (BL-21) were added.

Fourth Examination:  22 May. After three acupuncture sessions the spirit-orientation was clear, the patient’s sleep was excellent, and his desire for food had been roused.  The formula above was successful and with success there is no need to change;  the same treatment was given again for the sake of consolidation.  With a total of four acupuncture treatments, the patient was declared completely cured.

Explanation:  The Inner Cannon states:  “With heavy yang there is mania.”  In this case a mental stress lead to stagnation transforming to fire while phlegm and turbid were confined.  This led to upward harassment of the spirit-light.  Thus, points Shui Gou, Feng Fu, and Da Zhui were selected to drain yang pathogen (evil) from the governing vessel, and rouse the brain.  Tai Chong, Zhong Wan, and Feng Long were selected to course the liver, harmonize the stomach, and transform phlegm.  The supplementary points Jian Shi, Shen Men, Xin Shu, and Tai Xi promote interaction of the heart and kidney, to quiet the spirit and boost the will.  By using the above points together, they perform to successfully clear heat and transform phlegm, and rouse the brain and quiet the spirit.