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An Acupuncture Case History
Dr. Fei Jiu Zhi

From pages 215-216 of
Xian Dai Zhen Jiu Yi An Xuan
Modern Acupuncture and Moxibustion Case Histories

Wang XX Yun, female, age 39, chef.

Initial Examination: 20 July 1969.

Patient’s Remarks: The patient had suffered from mania for four years. At times it was light, at others severe. She had been admitted to mental hospitals several times, but after returning home it would erupt again. From 1968 the disease had encroached even more seriously. It was becoming more severe every day, the patient was resisting medical treatment, and her husband requested hospitalization and treatment.

Investigation: The patient had manic agitation, would damage objects and injure herself, and she sang and cussed ceaselessly. Her qi and bodily strength were inordinate, she did not recognize family and friends, and both eyes held an angry stare. For the last three days the patient had stopped eating and could not sleep. After encouraging her three times over, she was forced to allow pulse and tongue examinations: The pulse was string-like with strength; the tongue body was crimson red with a yellow, thick, slimy fur. The pattern pertains to depression and anger damaging the liver, resulting in phlegm and fire of the heart and liver harassing upwards, and loss of governance for the heart spirit.

The treatment was to clear fire, flush phlegm, and settle the heart. The points selected were Shang Wan (CV-13), Feng Long (ST-40), Hua Rou Men (ST-24), Tai Chong (LV-03) joining to Yong Quan (KI-01), Shen Men (HT-07) joining to Da Ling (PC-07), and Feng Yan(M-HN-28), all with application of draining methods. When hand method was being applied to the point Hua Rou Men, one could see that the patient had a lengthy exhale which ceased when the needling method stopped. Later the hand method was performed every two minutes, and each time there was a prolonged exhalation. Altogether it was done over sixty times, and the needles were retained for 80 minutes. Because one could see that the patient had a fatigued spirit and was slightly closing her eyes, the needles were taken out.

Second Examination: 21 July. After needling the patient was able to sleep a little bit, and the manic agitation was reduced. She was needled again with the same point combination. As the patient had been constipated for a few days, she was given 2.0 grams of powdered Radix Euphorbia Kansui to brew into a medicinal tea.

Third Examination: 23 July. During the last two days her intake of food and drink had gradually increased. At night she slept over four hours, but at times woke up frightened. Her bowels had moved two times, the first time dry, the latter sticky. Her agitation, and singing and cussing had decreased. The original point combination was applied again with the additions of Xin Shu (UB-15), Gan Shu (UB-18), and Shen Zhu (GV-12).

The point formula above was used in four consecutive acupuncture treatments, for a total of seven sessions. All of the symptoms were reduced, and the patient’s mental state was normal. She treated people with kindness and the treatments were discontinued. Observations for more than ten years up to the [this time of writing] have shown the patient had no relapses.

Comment: Withdrawal and mania both pertain to mental diseases. Withdrawal is frequently depressed and knotting qi and phlegm, while mania frequently pertains to phlegm and fire. In this case example of the mania pattern, the suitable method was to flush phlegm, and clear fire. When exuberant fire damages yin, one must enrich yin and downbear fire, quiet the spirit and stabalize the will.

Feng Yan is an extraordinary point that has the effects of settling and tranquilizing, [promoting] quiet sleep, and eliminating agitation. Feng Long and Shang Wan have the benefit of dispelling phlegm; Hua Rou Men and Tai Chong have the strength to drain phlegm and fire of the liver and stomach; Shen Men joined to Da Ling has the effect of settling the spirit and tranquilizing; Tai Chong joined to Yong Quan enriches yin and downbears fire. There are many experiences of curing mania with this combination of points.