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A Case History by Dr. Xiao Shao Qing

(From pp.212-214 of Xian Dai Zhen Jiu Yi An Xuan, “A Compendium of Modern Acupuncture Case Histories”)

Chen XX XX, female, age 17, shopworker,

Initial examination — 17 April 1956.

Patient’s Account:In the latter part of March in this same year, due to a busy work schedule and other factors, the patient had a deeply depressed mental state that led to a light degree of insomnia.Later she had irregular spirit-orientation; sporadic laughing and sporadic crying, as well as unclear consciousness.At the XX XX District People’s Hospital she was diagnosed as having “hysteria.” Sedatives were administered internally, but as there was no clear improvement in her condition, she came [to me] for examination and [an acupuncture] treatment.

Examination:The patient had a medium build and was well nourished.She had a feeble minded facial expression, sporadic laughing and sporadic crying, and a deeply confused spirit-orientation.The pulse was slippery, and the tongue fur was slimy yellow. This pattern [of signs and symptoms can be] ascribed to withdrawal. It was the result of excessive thought and not attaining her [desired] aims that resulted in stagnant and binding liver qi, spleen qi not moving, and fluids congealing.Phlegm pathogen (evil) then counterflowed upwards, and the spirit-light naturally lost normalcy.This is just as is recorded in the Liu Ke Zhun Mian: “The disease of withdrawal is commonly known as loss of heart wind, and is frequently due to repressed stagnation that is not redressed.”

The treatment is primarily to open stagnation and transform phlegm, quiet the heart and settle the spirit.We thus adopted the clear directions from the “Xi Hong Fu”:

Ren Zhong Zhi Dian Gong Zui Gao
Shi San Gui Xue Bu Xu Rao

“Ren Zhong treats withdrawl with success most high,
With the thirteen ghost points one need not wait for more.”
[to be updated from Soothing the Troubled Mind]

Accordingly the thirteen ghost points were selected, that is: 

Thirteen Ghost Points
Ren Zhong
Shang Xing
Cheng Jiang
Jia Che
Feng Fu
Shao Shang
Da Ling
Lao Gong
Qu Chi
Yin Bai
Shen Mai
subglossal mid-seam

Zhong Feng

Hui Yin
or Yu Men Tou (for women)
Moreover, Jian Shi (PC-05), and Hou Xi (SI-03) were also added. At each treatment six points were selected; they were given strong stimulation and needles were retained for thirty minutes. Acupuncture was performed once every day.After the first session of needling the patient still yelled and cursed, and did not sleep.Following the second acupuncture treatment she slept for two hours; after waking her spirits were still abnormal, but the laughing and crying was reduced.After the fourth treatment her spirit was clearer, and she was beginning to not cry and laugh.After five treatments she could sleep up to seven hours, her spirit orientation was lucid, and her appetite had increased.After six treatments she was mentally normal, all symptoms were ameliorated, her appetite was excellent, and the patient was declared cured.

Yu X X, female, age 25, peasant.Initial examination: 16 August 1956.

Patient’s Account:About fourteen years before in chaotic war times, the patient was greatly frightened and developed essence-spirit abnormalities.Initially she had a demented, dull appearance.High sounds or yelling could make her fearful, frightened, and panic stricken. Her whole body would shake, she would be fearful, and would start an unbounded fit.In the last five years she had progressively developed loss of recognition of her family and friends.She would cried and laughed [irregularly], went about with messy hair and a dirty face, and had no sense of personal hygiene.Previous treatments using Chinese herbs and Western treatments had been ineffective.

Examination: the patient had a medium build and was malnourished.Her hair was unkempt; she had a dirty face, and an abnormal gate.She feared spirits and ghosts.Her speech was nonsensical, and she did not even think of eating.The pulse reading was string-like [?] and fine, while the tongue fur was slightly greasy.

The pattern ascribes to withdrawal diseases.It was caused by fright damaging the heart and fear damaging the kidneys.When the heart and kidney lose governance, the spirit-orientation is not clear, and forms this kind of disease.

Treatment was primarily to quiet the heart and spirit, arouse the brain and boost the will. The prescription was the one used by Bian Chao and Sun Zhen Ren, the Thirteen Ghost Points.They were organized into two prescriptions:

1.) Ren Zhong, Shang Xing, Cheng Jiang, Da Ling, Qu Chi, Shen Mai, and Hou Xi;

2.) Feng Fu, Jia Che, sub-glossal Zhong Feng, Jian Shi, Shao Shang, Yin Bai, and Yu Men Tou.

Every day one of these two point groups was used in alternation. A strong draining method was applied, and needles were retained for half an hour. The first session of needling made no observable effect.The patient still sporadically laughed and cried as always, and her spirit orientation was still confused.At the second examination the patient slept soundly for twenty minutes while the needles were in, but had two fits after returning home.At the third treatment, the application was done according to the [precise] order of Sun Zhen Ren’s thirteen ghost points.Thus, the needling went from Ren Zhong to Shao Shang, to Yin Bai, Da Ling, Shen Mai, Feng Fu, Jia Che, Cheng Jiang, Jian Shi, Shang Xing, Yu Men Tou, Qu Chi, and sub-glossal Zhong Feng. On this occasion the patient also slept soundly for about an hour during the treatment.After returning home she had only light laughing and cussing for a moment at dusk, and she no longer needed physical restraints. She then came to the clinic for treatment in front of her mother, and her spirit-orientation was quite clear.The fourth treatment was administered like above. Afterwards the patient’s spirit-orientation was clear and lucid, and she was mentally calm. She felt tired after needling and at times craved sleep, while her appetite was increased.For the time she only had some dizziness.For the fifth treatment the first prescription given above was used.After needling the dizziness was lighter, appetite was greatly increased, and menstrual flow had also started.She chatted and laughed freely, just like a normal person.For the sixth treatment the second prescription was chosen.After needling she had recovered normal mentality, and all of her symptoms were relieved.She slept for eight hours and had a marvelous appetite.Her expression was happy, and she was cured.

Explanation: “The Thirteen Ghost Points” are important points for treating mania-withdrawal.They were created by Bian Chao in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States eras.Later, in the Tong Dynasty, Sun Si Miao (who was called Sun Zhen Ren [or “Sun True Man”] by contemporaries), upon the foundation of these points “also added Jian Shi, and Hou Xi, especially marvelous.”Altogether there are fifteen points, and they comprise a formula that physicians of all dynasties have employed as the major treatment for withdrawal-mania.Amongst the points, Ren Zhong, Feng Fu, Shang Xing, and Hou Xi points are chosen to drain pathogenic (evil) yang from the Governing Vessel, arouse the brain, and clear the spirit.The source and river points of the hand reverting yin channel, Da Ling and Jian Shi, drain fire pathogen (evil) from the pericardium’s connection vessel, and quiets the heart while boosting the will.Points of the hand and foot yang brightness channel, Qu Chi and Jia Che, are chosen to course and abduct the yang brightness channel, while freeing the bowels and discharging heat.The well points for the greater yin channels of the hand and foot, Shao Shang and Yin Bai, were selected to clear the lungs, fortify the spleen, and transform phlegm and turbid.Likewise, Cheng Jiang and Hui Yin from the conception vessel are selected to free the sea of yin channels, while enriching yin and downbearing fire.Needling just the sub-glossal Zhong Feng (the tongue is the sprout of the heart), discharges fire pathogen (evil) from the heart channel, while opening portals and clearing the spirit.When these points are combined, their performance opens portals and transforms phlegm, arouses the brain and clears the spirit, quiets the heart and benefits the will.Thus, selecting the “Thirteen Ghost Points” for withdrawal-mania diseases always reaps a marvelous result.