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Reference Materials

This section makes available articles and papers related to Traditional East Asian Medicine that have a longer term interest to our readers. Most of these papers have been created by Paradigm Publications. Some are reprinted with permission from peer review journals. Some of the e-publications contain "copy lefts" that give you a specific permission to copy and distribute further copies. All others require the author or publisher's permission for copying or distribution other than personal use. In addition to these articles, we have added a small collection of resources related to publishing in our field.

Most of the following papers must be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free from this link. The Chinese characters found in the PDF files here will display whether or not you have a Chinese system. The other files, typically web articles, will display Chinese characters if your internet browser has been vetted for UNICODE.

Many of these articles related to the "term debate," a series of mostly internet-based discussions regarding whether or not Traditional East Asian Medical concepts should be preserved when translated into English. Paradigm Publications is one of the leading proponents of applying professional standards to English language books, articles and curriculum materials.

The following collection of papers is very large. Individual e-books and epapers may be accessed by the author's name in the pages referenced. T here are also specific selections: The On-line Term Debate , The PCOM Papers and, a Guided Tour of the "Term Debate."

The Works of Nigel Wiseman

Nigel Wiseman is a graduate of Harriot-Watt (MA) and Exeter (Ph.D.) Universities. His work constitutes the single largest contribution to the understanding of terms in Chinese medicine, their translation and reception in the West. The articles, lectures and e-books referenced by this link are the largest library of thought about the nature of Chinese medicine, its translation, and its terminology anywhere available.

Term Translation Services

Paradigm provides free services, including translation tools, to qualified translators who are interested in working to multi-author, multi-publisher standards. It is our estimation that small presses, academics, and translators benefit by participating in the creation of a large library of cross-referenceable literature created to a shared standard. Please see the linked document for queries about term translations.

Contributions by Eric Brand

Please see the linked page where you will find important term conference reports and comparisons between the term sets of Eastland Press, Xie Zhu Fan and the Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine.

Information About Chinese Medical Publishing

The linked page provides information from the Council of Oriental Medical Publishers and other organizations.

Contributions by Dr. Stephen Birch

The linked page includes articles by Stephen Birch.

Contributions by Robert Felt

The linked page includes articles by Robert Felt.

Contributions by Dr. Paul U. Unschuld

The linked page includes papers by Dr. Unschuld.

Contributions by Marnae C. Ergil

The linked page will display Ms. Ergil's paper on translation.

Contributions by Z'ev Rosenberg

The linked page will display Z'ev's composite review of recent Paradigm publications.

The linked page displays an interview with Z'ev about his Shang Han Lun study.

Contributions by Yoshio Manaka and Kazuko Itaya

Acupuncture as Intervention in the Biological System is one of the seminal works that have set a new direction in the basic research of acupuncture.

A Paper by Edward Schafer

Contributions by Bob Flaws

Contributions by Sonya Pritzker

Soothing The Troubled Mind Case Histories

Please see the linked page to access the free Soothing the Troubled Mind case histories