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Term Translation Services

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Created Sep 19 2006 - 9:44am

Term Translation Services

Paradigm Publications offers a CD-ROM, searchable PDF version of Nigel Wiseman's databases. This provides about 30,000 terms. This CD-ROM is made available by request to those who are interested in participating in the creation of a multi-author, multi-publisher literature of Traditional East Asian medicines. However, translators sometimes require assistance with terms. Usually, we are most happy to oblige and have been greatly assisted in our efforts through the suggestions of others. Since we like to keep a record of all term equivalents in our databases, we hope that people requesting assistance will help us in this respect by providing the following information when communicating about suggested or currently unavailable terms. In some cases, we will need the information to effectively research the term. In all cases we must have the Chinese.

Information Required for General terms

Information Required for Names of Medicinal Formulas

Information Required for Acupuncture Point Names

If you provide us with this information, will be able to research the relevant information in Chinese reference publications. The translation of the term will be available not only to you, but to anyone who uses the terminology. This helps us to build an even sounder basis for the transmission of Chinese medicine in the future. There is no charge for this service and we will do our best to respond in a timely way.

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