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Paradigm Publications Privacy Policy

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Privacy Polilcy

If you browse our site anonymously, without registration, we do not capture any information about you except the record of the pages you browsed and the referring source by which you arrived at our site. This site does not issue cookies. We maintain an access log that records the Internet Protocol (IP) number of site visitors, their browser type, and the referring URL, if such can be determined. We use these to study how the site is used and once this information is summarized it is destroyed. When you become a member by registering, you establish an account. That account is protected by your password and is accessible only to you. While we have implemented reasonable security precautions, no one can guarantee that their site cannot be "hacked" (broken into by unauthorized persons). However, your account contains no financial information, or identification that can be used to steal your identity. We maintain smail and email lists of our members to which we will occasionally send information about books, seminars, or special prices. These email lists are maintained off-site behind a firewall.

One of the reasons that we use Redwing Book Company to fulfill (pack and ship) the orders you place at our site is that they do not store personal (names and addresses) or financial (charge card or account) information on the web. Redwing uses a professionally-provided secure server and to our knowledge there is no case of identity or financial information being stolen from a secure server. Hackers target web-based databases where they can obtain information about hundreds, even thousands, of potential victims. Your orders are delivered by secure email from the secure sever to Redwing where they are entered into an off-line system. While this requires more human interaction and cost, it strongly protects our customers. Human review of your order also means that better shipping alternatives may be noted and address errors corrected.

Paradigm Publications maintains lists of addresses of customers, media professionals, correspondents and writers interested in Acupuncture, Oriental medicine, and allied arts. We occassionaly email these lists about new books, or events of field-wide interest.

We do not sell these lists, nor do we share them with others. We do mail and email notices of interest to our list members. A name and address provided via your account at this site becomes part of those lists and is likewise never sold.

This site, www.paradigm-pubs.com, is not used to gather information that is not explicitly and voluntarily provided.

Blog posts are public. Do not list or reveal information you do not wish to be publicly known.

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