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Contributions by Stephen Birch

By Robert Felt
Created Oct 1 2007 - 2:18pm

Dr. Stephen Birch has practiced acupuncture since graduating in 1982.  He has studied intensively with senior Japanese acupuncturists including Yoshio Manaka, MD and the leaders of the Toyohari association.  He has a Ph.D. from the Center for Complementary Health Studies at Exeter University concentrating on the methods for researching acupuncture efficacy.  He is a founding member of the Society for Acupuncture Research.   Dr. Birch was a participant in both the landmark U.S. F.D.A. review and approval of acupuncture and the U.S. N.I.H. Consensus Development Conference on acupuncture.  He currently practices in Holland and teaches world-wide. 

 Stephen is the author or co-author of the following books described at this site:

Japanese Acupuncture a Clinical Guide [0]

Chasing the Dragon's Tail [0]

Five Elements and Ten Stems [0]

Extraordinary Vessels [0]

Hara Diagnosis: Reflections on the Sea [0]


Stephen has contributed the following articles to the references section:

 The problems of acupoint contraindications in pregnancy [0]

A Review and Analysis of Placebo Treatments, Placebo Effects, and Placebo Controls in Trials of Medical Procedures When sham Is Not Inert [0]

Reflections on the German Acupuncture Studies [0]

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