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Contributions by Dr. Paul U. Unschuld

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Created Nov 30 2006 - 3:46pm

Dr. Paul U. Unschuld is one of the foremost sinologists working today. His contributions to the literature include the Medicine in China series incuding

M [1]edicine in China: A History of Ideas [2],

Medicine in China: a History of Pharmaceutics [3],

Medicine in China: Nan Jing [4] , Classic of Difficult Issues [5],

Medicine in China: Historical Artifacts and Ideas [6],

Essential Subtleties on the Silver Sea, Yin-hai Jing-wei, [7]

Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen [8],

Chinese Life Sciences, Introductory Readings in Chinese Medicine [8],

Forgotten Traditions of Ancient Chinese Medicine [8],

Learn to Read Chinese Vol. 1 [8],

and Learn to Read Chinese Vol. 2 [8].

His forthcoming text: A Dictionary of the Huangdi Neijing Suwen [9] is much anticipated as a seminal work describing the conceptual armamentum of Chinese medicine in its formative period.

We are pleased to present the following papers by Dr. Unschuld:

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