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The Xie Zhu Fan Debate

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Created Oct 30 2006 - 1:26pm

The Debate with Xie Zhu Fan 

Three papers deal with Dr. Xie Zhufan's criticisms of Wiseman's term choices. Dr. Xie Zhufan is a professor and a primary Chinese exponent of eliminating the "folklore" from T.C.M. His terminlogy is highly biomedicalized.  He is a professor in the People's Republic of China and a participant in the W.H.O. term standardization process. His Classified Dictionary of Traditional Chinese Medicine [1] is available in English. Xie Zhufan's paper is here translated with annotations by Herman Oving: Comments on Nigel Wiseman's A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine: On the Use of Western Medical Terms in English Glossaries of Chinese Medicine [1]. Oving's notes are critical for non-Chinese speakers because of certain misunderstandings in Xie's text. Dr. Wiseman's response is found here: Comments on English Translation of Common Terms in Traditional Chinese Medicine [1] translated into slightly "ropy" English for the W.H.O. The original Chinese version is: 對於《中醫藥常用名詞術語英譯》的一些意見 [1] .

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