Submitted by admin on December 29, 2006 - 2:17pm.

What does membership mean?

A member is someone who has registered with There is no charge, there is no oblligation. Members have access to a Members Area where they have download privledges and may recieve permission to exchange files they have produced with other members through a moderator. Members may also comment on the blog and, when accpeted by the blogging community, may post their own blog "stories."

Why must members provide contact information?

We need to know who you are. Members can comment and, in some cases, post on the blog. Members can exchange information with other members. The idea is that combined with the "Chinese Medicine Network" (CMN) list service we will enjoy an on-line community of like-minded people who are interested in a variety of topics in the East Asian medical arts. Anonymous posting does not contribute to community collegiality. If you have something to say that you do not want attributed to you, say it somewhere else.

We retain the information you provide and use it to contact you about your orders and to provide you catalogs, information about books, special prices and events. Your information is not sold. The member contact information you provide contains no financial information and is available only to you and Paradigm Publications.

If you choose to give your contact information to other members, do not provide access to your account. Email that information directly. Keep your password secure. Giving your password to others, for any reason, is a "bannable" offense. There are no criteria for membership except your personal interest. Thus, there is no barrier for anyone to join. However, as a community, we need to trust our communications with one another. 

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