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Our media center is a service to help inform the public about East Asian Traditional Medicines by providing enough information for people to make informed decisions. We have designed it to provide easy access to references for basic information. The background papers presented here address the main points of Chinese Medicine's history, in particular, misunderstandings that have appeared in public media. These articles provide enough sound scientific and historical information to background media stories.

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We are pleased to announce the completion of the three volume life-work of Professor Jiao Shu-de of the People's Republic of China. Professor Jiao’s writings are read by virtually every Chinese-speaking student of Chinese medicine. He is not only a nationally recognized master, one of China's National Treasures, but also a teacher and author whose works are considered essential study for the aspiring Chinese physician. Jiao Shù-Dé’s theories and extensive knowledge of Chinese medicinals are given full clinical expression in these case studies. His works are an invaluable guide for answering the questions and solving the problems that clinicians face in everyday practice. Dr. Jiao is one of the most well-respected and well-known Chinese medical practitioners of the modern era. His extensive knowledge and profound clinical experience has been an inspiration to generations of modern Chinese students, and his collected works provide tremendous insight into medicinal therapy, formula prescription, and case-based treatment approaches.

Ten Lectures on the Use of Formulas

Ten Lectures on the Use of Medicinals

Case Studies in Pattern Identification


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The following brief articles provide background information about acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. These are Copyright © Paradigm Publications 1999 but may be freely used without fee or written permission. We would appreciate credit as the source as a reference to

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