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We share offices with our distributor, Redwing Book Company, and use Redwing to pack and ship all of our orders. Redwing has offered fair and consistent services to the Complementary Medicine fields since 1973 and can be relied upon to process your orders quickly and expertly. When you order from this site, your order is automatically forwarded to Redwing for immediate shipping. When special prices are offered at this site, they are honored by Redwing for orders originating at

Business hours are from 9 AM - 5 PM Monday through Friday

We may be reached by phone, fax, mail, or email.

Phone: (575) 758 7758

Address: Paradigm Publications
202 Bendix Drive
Taos NM 87571

Fax: (575) 758 7768

US and World distribution

202 Bendix Drive
Taos NM 87571
tel. (575) 758 7758
fax (575) 758 7768
toll free (800) 873-3946

For Authors and Publishers

If you are an author, clinician or translator who has a manuscript or project that fits Paradigm's line of texts we encourage you to inquire at the above address and contact numbers. While manuscripts that are prepared to our standards can sometimes move quickly through to publication, editorial and peer review are complex and time-consuming. Thus, we are presently scheduling projects approximately two years in advance. We prefer that you first send a short project proposal early in the development of your work; however, we do review completed manuscripts. Our response time varies between three and six months. Do not send original materials that must be preserved; Several persons may read and mark your materials.

If you are a publisher, or an author working with another publisher, and wish to use the "Practical Dictionary" terminlogy. please contact us. We offer resources and services to help create a multi-publisher literature linked to a published term standard.