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About this Website (FAQ)

Why does Paradigm Publications have a website?
Paradigm Publications is a publishing company specializing in technical resources for students and practitioners of a variety of Asian healing arts. We decided to go on-line because it was clearly one of the best ways for us to communicate with our present customers, and to reach new students, practitioners, and afficionados of common and uncommon healing practices from throughout Asia. By maintaining a website presence we can offer our books (and new on-line services like our directory of practitioners) to anyone with Internet access, across the world.

What is a member, and what does membership mean?

A member is someone who has registered at this site, created an account, and who has been confirmed. Anonymous users, those simply browsing the site as a book catalog, cannot access the member area. A member may post a blog or comments. Once you post your blog or comment it is automatically entered into a moderation queue where a site or blog administrator will approve it for publication. Moderation means that your post or comment may not appear immediately, particularly during holidays, weekends or periods of heavy posting traffic. Members may also exchange files with other members and access free down-loadable materials, view manuscripts in preparation, and participate in collaborative writing projects. There is no cost or restrictive qualification to become a member. You simply create an account by logging in to the site and completing the contact information.

What is your privacy policy?
Privacy Policy

What is the Council of Oriental Medical Publishers and why does Paradigm support their efforts?

How do I contact Paradigm Publications?
To contact Paradigm Publications you can e-mail us, call/fax us at the numbers below, or write to us at 202 Bendix Drive, Taos NM, 87571. Please see our contact page .

What is a member?
A member is someone who has registered with our site. Members have access to private areas of the site and privileges regarding communications and information exchange. Please see the Membership page.

How does this site relate to the Chinese Medicine Network List Service?
CMN is sponsored by Paradigm Publications. It plays a different role for the member community than the on-site blog. Please see the CMN FAQ.

How do I order books from Paradigm Publications?
You may order any of our titles by clicking on the "Order this book!" link on each title's description page. This link will bring you to Redwing Book Company's web site. Redwing Book Company packs and ships all of our orders. Redwing has offered fair and consistent services to the Complementary Medicine fields since 1973 and can be relied upon to process your orders quickly and expertly. When you order from this site, your order is automatically forwarded to Redwing for immediate shipping. When special prices are offered at this site, they are honored by Redwing for orders originating at additional information on ordering, please see our Ordering Information page.

How do I sell Paradigm Publications' books?
To sell our books please contact our distributors.

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader?
Adobe Acrobat Reader is a cross platform file reader for the PDF file type. It is necessary to use this reader if you wish to read the sample table of contents and chapters available with most of the books on this site. You can download it from Adobe.