Wisdomkeepers, Tansmissions and Ceremonies by Lakota Holy Men
Produced and Directed by Ora Abel Russel

Wisdomkeepers is the voice of Native American Holy Men

This video presents the wisdom of three Lakota Holy Men from the Black Hills of South Dakota. Watch and listen as Joe Flying By sits with us at the foot of Bear's Lodge, like Moses at Mt. Sinai, inspiring us with the creation story meant to create anew in each generation guidance and purpose for those people inclined to do good. He explains that creation is the opportunity for each of us to reveal ourselves fully in a multitude of activities that benefit not only ourselves but also humanity as a whole. In transmitting the sacred rituals to us he shows how to bring the holy spirit within our command. Hear Buffalo Calf Woman, who brought the seven sacred rituals to the Lakota people thousands of years ago, speak through these three elders.

Watch and listen as Dave Chief, more warrior than prophet, more teacher than poet, exposes the distortions, the lies, the greed, and self-satisfying convictions of societies that undermine and constrict anything other than themselves. He describes the harmonious co-existence already demonstrated by Native Americans when white men arrived in the "new" world and how it could have, and should have, informed the arriving white men that something fresh and new was possible. Dave Chief reminds us that despite the tension that still exists between those two cultures the possibility of equality is now, more than ever, possible for the greater good.

Watch and listen as poet and warrior, master of wit and truth Leroy Curly, having studied the laws, the treaties, and human nature writ large and small (-minded), interacts with us. He believes that in our influence as human beings each of us is able to fulfill our spiritual and enterprising obligations, to right past wrongs, and inspire future virtues. He speaks proudly and playfully about the dangers of religious politics and proclamations. He leads us through mountains of historical and political circumstances, democratic preachings and reforms that at their core produce the political enemies that threaten the very existence of future generations. And, through it all, this extraordinarily gentle man makes us laugh through our tears. Leroy's explanations are sometimes harsh but the truth sets us free from our ignorance.

Wisdomkeepers gives you a taste of this Knowledge transmitted orally as it always has been in Lakota tradition. We are privileged to watch and listen as these Native American Holy Men guide, govern, and practically control the animal faculties that distract us from participating intellectually and universally in the Holy Spirit of Humanity. Their intention is sincere, positive, and believable.

Wisdomkeepers will give you insight into the positive and negative of relationships among humans, and between human and “God,” past, present and future.

It took ten years for the filmmaker to grasp, receive, and employ the storehouse of Lakota teachings and ceremonies with absolute Truth. Honoring the unique arrangement given to her, her ultimate purpose became the resurrection of a great people who have endured unimaginable suffering far too long.

Wisdomkeepers became their voice.

Will Wisdomkeepers Change My Life?

Intelligence is learned. By watching and listening to Wisdomkeepers, these noblest of souls, and hearing their subtle, brave, beautiful, and refined words, your dry reason will be overwhelmed, you imagination activated, and you will be inspired to foster good beliefs in a concrete form.

The only way to teach is through example

The Wisdomkeepers show us that by rejecting the inconceivable impossibilities with which life slams us, as it certainly did the Native Americans, and maintaining certitude in one's beliefs, we can attain a state of spiritual transluminescence, which reaches everywhere and renews everything.

Will you pick up the Sacred Feather, the symbol of our creation story, and carry it forward to future generations?



Wisdomkeepers has been featured at Worldfest Charleston, the Mill Valley Film Festival, The Independent Film Festival, and to standing room only audiences at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. This is its first DVD release.


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Publication Date: 01/30/2007
Digital Video Disk (DVD); One hour and eighteen minutes.; 5" X 7" Case; 24.95
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