Terrains and Pathology in Acupuncture
by Yves Requena, M.D.

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His approach to diagnosis is purely traditional yet it must be noted that Requena is also a medical practitioner. And, he achieves what is the ultimate goal of acupuncture for the future: he synthesizes the two approaches.Ž Yet, throughout, his writing is tempered by common-sense and experience.

—Royston H. Low, Ph.D., British Journal of Acupuncture

Dr. Requena has developed a singularly effective approach to describing ``terrains," or constitutional types. Drawing extensively on source quotations from the Su Wen, Ling Shu, and other classical texts, he recognizes composites of the classical Chinese medical correspondences and treats each as a psychological and biophysical whole. He offers an extremely large selection of physical signs and symptoms, including exact Western diagnoses, by which both Eastern and Western practitioners may objectively confirm his observations. Requena has skillfully absorbed Western medicine into acupuncture, using it as another set of information, another source of practical experience to aid in determining the condition of the patient.

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Publication Date: September, 1986,; E-edtion 3/25/11
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