Tendon and Ligament Healing
by William Weintraub

Here is a solid basis of hope of recovery from serious, chronic injury which is now a widespread, unyielding problem. weintraub has developed a highly effective new osteopathic-style approach to answer this major healthcare challenge. Active people, practitioners, and patients wishing to avoid surgery will find guidance in this work which breaks new ground for healing damage due to sports, accidents, and work-related stress.

There is heightened attention recently to tendons and ligaments due to a drastic increase in repetitve strain/overuse injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Tendon and ligament injuries number in the millions every year, and hundreds of thousands of these are serious and chronic in nature. Thes e disabling, painful injuries occur from workplace stress (e.g, computer use) and greater participation in sports and exercise. All too often, the standard medical system offers little hope of recovery without surgery, which has mixed results. Many patients find little information or relief from either standard or alternative treatments, and despair of achieving recovery. Weintraub's book offers a viable option.

The book combines an emerging scientific information and the author's original treatment model drawn from his 28 years of hands-on therapy, all revealing the potent recovery capacity of ligaments and tendons. This capacity allows for healing properties that extend well beyond the traditional medical view. Readers will gain a clear understanding of the surprisingly dynamic nature of tendons and ligaments from an excellent review of their structure, function, mechanics, injury and healing processes. Expert photos and illustrations complement writing that is thorough, concise, and lucid.

Weintraub has done considerable treatment of serious tendon and ligament injuries and the book's twelve case studies show positive results that would be considered improbable from the standard medical perspective. Cliniciand from many fields, mainstream to alternative, will benefit from the clear descriptions of the techniques in the osteopathic-style manual therapy model developed by the author.

The presentation invites all healthcare practitioners who encounter these widespread problems in clinical practice to integrate a promising low-force approach. While some chapters have a fair amount of technical detail, general readers will find that each of these chapters has a non-technical introduction and summary. The revisions for this new edition substantially expand the self-help area of the book, increase its focus on treating sports injuries, and update the scientific researdch and thereapy techniques in this area. New case studies expand the view of individual's healing process. Over one third of the material has been added or revised.

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Publication Date: 2003
Paperback; 204 pages; 7 x 10; $24.95
Appendices; Index; Illustrations
ISBN 0-912111-73-9
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