Pulse Diagnosis
Li Shi Zhen, Translated by Garry Seifert and Hoc Ku Huynh

The graphics enhance the textual descriptions through the use of lines which represent the location, depth, size, speed and feel of the pulse. The combination of text and graphics makes this the most accessible reference to understanding Chinese pulse diagnosis.

—American Journal of Acupuncture

The Bin Hu Mai Xue, from which this translation was taken, was first written in 1518 and has been a necessary component of acupuncturists' education ever since. This translation develops each of the basic pulses and their combinations, explaining the essentials of pulse diagnosis: depth, position, relation to areas of the body, seasonal variation, and organ relationships.

The four principal pulses are explained and the variations of each are described. The significance of each pulse and variation is presented in Oriental medical terms, and the clinical import of each of the now-standard twenty-seven pulse states is described.

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Publication Date: 1985
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