Points and Meridians of Acupuncture (Chart)
by Tin Yau So

Based on the point locations used by Dr. So and his teachers, this highly useful three-color chart combines three separate views and many smaller illustrations on a single, large-format chart (23" x 36"). The chart concentrates on channel point positions but includes the major extra points, with contraindications. Locations were personally supervised by Dr. So and thus reflect the experience of his teachers and the understanding acquired by teaching thousands of students. This simple and inexpensive chart provides a professional level of detail in an attractive, convenient, and inexpensive format.

Tin Yao So was educated prior to the creation of the People's Republic of China. He is a lineal student of the near-legendary Ching Tan An, who pioneered the "point book" format we know today. Thus, Dr. So's point locations come from the classical tradition, not the TCM standards of today's text books.  As such there are several differences between modern TCM acupoint locations and those displayed on this chart.

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Publication Date: 1985
Tri-color chart; Rolled Chart; 23 x 36; $17.95
Illustrations ~ Easy to read and inexpensive
ISBN 0-912111-40-2
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