Learn to Read Chinese Vol. 2 E-Book
by Paul U. Unschuld
Learn to Read Chinese is an excellent text for the student of Chinese medicine who wants to gain further understanding by reading text in the original. Paul Unschuld's translations are clear and precise and his choice of material is excellent. My students love it.
Marnae Ergil, Pacific Institute of Oriental Medicine
The sixteen lessons ... offer any student of Chinese whose interests are not focused on medicine a plethora of insights into notions and concepts that may not be known to him/her from other realms of Chinese intellectual culture; hence this primer is an enrichment to every sinologist…. If used as an instrument to decipher medical texts and as a survey of the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, these two volumes are a welcome and recommendable compendium for medical personnel with some prior knowledge of Chinese and also for sinologists.
Elizabeth Kurz, CHUN

These two volumes teach the language of contemporary Chinese technical literature. The subject matter is Chinese medicine, making these texts ideal for those who wish to learn Chinese from real-world sources. All 128 of the texts chosen are excerpted from an introduction to Chinese medicine written by Qin Bowei, one of the founders of modern Chinese medicine and a medical writer known for producing the best contemporary technical expression. The work is thus a superb supplement for students of Chinese, as well as an effective course of study for clinicians or scholars who require only the skills necessary to use Chinese technical periodicals, papers, and texts.

The first volume teaches vocabulary. Each text is an exercise. Readers transliterate, then translate a passage based on the vocabulary provided with that passage and the preceding passages.

The second volume teaches analysis of Chinese texts by showing how to identify the basic statement of a sentence and the adjunct statements that complete its meaning. When the course is completed, users will be working with writing that is typical of modern Chinese medical sources. A completed transliteration in Pinyin and a finished English translation accompany the Chinese. The selected subject matter provides exposure to contemporary simplified character discussions of the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine.

This text is now in preparation as an E-book.


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Publication Date: September 1994; E-Book 2011
E-book; 427 pages; 7x10; $9.95
Volume 2
ISBN 0-912111-47-X
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