Grasping the Wind
by Andrew Ellis, Nigel Wiseman, and Ken Boss

Here is a foundation on which it is safe to build.

—Sara Hicks, Traditional Acupuncture Journal

Point names, the traditional Oriental means for identifying acupoints, have meanings that are, like the wind, hard to grasp. Yet enfolded in these often poetic words is a utility found nowhere else. In discussing the point names, the authors clarify the meaning, context, and significance of each acupuncture point and promote a subtle understanding of that point's role in acupuncture practice. Each of the 363 points covered is listed according to the system currently used in China. Descriptions include the name in Chinese characters, in Pinyin, and in English. The traditional location according to major Chinese texts of the classical periods, the associated point groupings, an explanation of point functions, and classical qi paradigm associations are also noted. Further detail is provided by inclusion of channel relationships, five-phase identification, and experiential information.

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Publication Date: 1989
Paperback; 462 pages; 6 x 9; $34.95
Introduction; Single Character Glossary; English, Chinese and Alphanumeric Indexes; Bibliography
ISBN 0-912111-19-4
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