Character & Health
by Yves Requena

“My purpose is to awaken people to self-responsibility..”

—Y. Requena

“This valuable book provides an exciting first step in the field of natural healing. Character and Health is a dynamic synthesis of Oriental medicine with Western psychology in a manner that will be not only easily understood by the layperson, but will also be eminently practical for the therapist.”

—Leonard Jacobs, Publisher,
East West: The Journal of Natural Health and Living

Characterology is probably as old as humankind and, in recent years, the patterns of qualities and relationship found in Oriental medicine have provided fertile ground for writers in several genres. Character and Health is clearly distinguished from other attempts to exploit this ancient fascination. First, and critically, it is based on Dr. Requena's medical professional literature and is thus grounded by the standards and peer review of French physicians.

As well, it reflects a working doctor's ethical sensitivity to patients.There are no unfounded claims, quick cures for profound diseases, or commercially adept promises, just solid information derived from a statistically reliable personality inventory, evaluations of hand morphology, childhood illnesses, and adult behaviors.

This text is available as an E-Book .

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Publication Date: 1989; E-Book 2011
E-Book; 213 pages; 6x9; $5.95
Illustrations; Appendices; Bibliography; Index
ISBN 0-912111-23-2
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