The Acupressure Warm-Up
by Marc Coseo

Every day, thousands of people in our fitness conscious culture do just what the TV commercials and their doctors tell them: "Play hard," "Just do it." They challenge their cardiovascular systems, participate in aerobics, work out with weights and machines, compete at games they last played in their youth, ride bikes, and run races. But they also injure themselves at an alarming rate, losing hours of enjoyment and even employment, as over-exertion and under-preparation take their toll. Calisthenics and stretching, athletic warmups familiar to most athletes, take too long, are awkward to do in public, and are often improperly done. In some cases, they can do more harm than good.

The main exercises, finger-pressure exercises, meridian-stretching exercises and flexibility tests that are described and illustrated in The Acupressure Warmup can enliven and prepare every major muscle system in the body. A routine of less than 10 minutes a day can improve your flexibility, enhance your performance, treat common injuries, and prevent their recurrence. It is an easy and effective solution for obtaining maximal enjoyment from sports for fitness and fun.

The Acupressure Warm-up is easy to learn. There are no awkward bends or twists and, unlike calisthenics or stretching, it relies on position, not force. There is no need, no temptation, or even any possibility of overdoing the routine. The Acupressure Warm-up eliminates overstretching, one of the most common sources of injury, and most importantly, it does what a warm-up absolutely must do: increase the flow of blood and heat to your muscles. Young or old, beginner or pro, you will notice an immediate improvement.

The Acupressure Warmup has Received Outstanding Reviews

“The next step in the evolution of sport.”

—High Tech Coaching and Trainin

I must confess that I approached this book with some prejudice. On reading it, however, I was unexpectedly impressed by its sincerity and effective application of a simple technique. The proof of the benefits of any technique are clearly in their results, and the book includes some exceedingly impressive case histories that I would have been proud to achieve with acupuncture."

—The Journal of Chinese Medicine

“The Acupressure Warm-Up by Marc Coseo can help you prepare for workouts, manage injury, and relieve the aches and strains of an active lifestyle.”

—New Age Journal


"This straight-forward and easy-to-use text is aimed at the layperson and is a good self-help reference to 'prescribe' to your patients. I also recommend it to those practitioners who follow the maxim, 'Physician Heal Thyself.'"

—Australian Journal of Acupuncture

Clinical Evidence For The Acupressure Warmup

Not only has the information in The Acupressure Warmup been verified in serious scholarly sources, our own clinical tests were confirmed by independant clinical trials. The quote from Longmont Hospital which follows explains their confirmating experience in a professionally conducted trial. Although this is not a controlled clinical trial of the type required, for example, by the National Institutes of Health, the results werestatisticaly better than chance.

Pat Mitskus, R.P.T. of Longmont United Hospital where the Acupressure Warmup was tested says:We did not expect the excellent follow through at home . . its use in increasing flexibility was a consistent trend and in the clinic its application as a pain control modality was well documented by subjective reports of pain relief.

Richard Hornidge, the player ranked number one in singles and doubles paddle tennis in the 45's division, learned the technique from Marc just before a national tournament: My shoulder was so sore I couldn't hit a forehand, a backhand, or serve; I couldn't sleep at night. True to form, Marc fixed me up in time.

Joe Flynn, a long distance cyclist, reports on his three years of experience using the Acupressure Warmup for chronic back pain: I used to have episodes; a severe episode would be three to four days of missed work. Today, I haven't had an episode in three years.

Larry Russell's knee injury nearly lost him his livelihood and eleven years of competitive karate:The traditional doctor and the doctor who did the surgery told me to stay in bed, they really had no relief for me. Marc gave me some tennis balls, showed me some points and it helped!


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