Acumoxa Therapy Volume 1: An E-Reference & Study Guide
by Paul Zmiewski and Richard Feit

This timely and useful handbook contains concise summaries of acupuncture and moxibustion therapies. It includes discussions of basic theory, channels, points, pathogenesis, diagnostic methods, pattern identification, and treatment techniques—the information necessary for class preparation or quick clinical review. A major portion of the text is in graphic tables to reinforce comprehension and aid memorization. The information is presented in pattern sequences that clearly and succinctly describe the concept or treatment. Similarities or differences that go unrecognized in other presentation styles are quickly accessible with this user-friendly technique.

This text is available as an E-book

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Publication Date: 1989. E-version 2010
Download; 195 pages; 7x10; $5.95
Bibliography; Index
ISBN 0-912111-22-4
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