Acumoxa Therapy Volume 2: Treatment of Disease E-Book
by Richard Feit and Paul Zmiewski

This second volume of Acumoxa Therapy takes the reader from the basic theories, systems, and structures of Chinese medicine to the application of theories in treatment. Like the earlier volume, this text is ideal for both classroom instruction and practitioner review. This second volume approaches the treatment of disease from both traditional Chinese patterns and Western categories. This dual approach coincides with the structure of most study courses in acupuncture pathology, and reflects common Chinese clinical practice. Part I uses traditional patterns of disharmony to present methods of treatment with their representative acupoints. Part II presents 65 common disorders with guiding symptoms and T.C.M. differentiation. Appropriate points and treatment approaches are always detailed.

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Publication Date: 1990. E-version 2010
Download; 143 pages; 7x10; $5.95
Bibliography; index
ISBN 0-912111-27-5
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