Collaborative Creation of Content in Chinese Medicine

Submitted by Ken Rose on February 14, 2007 - 6:36pm.

On Collaborative Creation of Content in Chinese Medicine

If you have been following the Chinese Medicine Network listserv over the past couple of years, you are already familiar with the thread about collaborative creation of content in Chinese medicine. I want to append a few comments to what’s been said on the list in order to introduce this topic a bit more formally in anticipation of the launching of a particular collaborative project: qi and complexity. Why do we need a collaborative project on the topic of qi and complexity? What has it to do with medicine?

The Technician and the Scholar Physician

Submitted by Zev Rosenberg on February 1, 2007 - 5:29pm.
The TECHNICIAN and the SCHOLAR PHYSICIAN by’ Z’ev Rosenberg, L. Ac.

Rhythm and Qi

Submitted by Ken Rose on February 1, 2007 - 3:58pm.
Rhythm and Qi


Welcome to the CMN Blog

Submitted by Robert Felt on January 22, 2007 - 10:00pm.

Why a CMN Blog, what do I hope to accomplish?

I consider the CMN list service successful. Although it has never had the following of the large, commercial services, we have had many interesting and productive discussions. There has never been pressure for anyone to post and the moderation process has been relatively painless. We have achieved what we sough to do in terms of creating a community and I would like to see that community develop further. Thus, this site -- in addition to the commercial catalog of books -- has two features that I hope will extend our ability to discuss matters of interest and importance to our field: this blog and a members area with features designed to encourage and archive community participation.

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