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Submitted by Robert Felt on January 22, 2007 - 10:00pm.

Why a CMN Blog, what do I hope to accomplish?

I consider the CMN list service successful. Although it has never had the following of the large, commercial services, we have had many interesting and productive discussions. There has never been pressure for anyone to post and the moderation process has been relatively painless. We have achieved what we sough to do in terms of creating a community and I would like to see that community develop further. Thus, this site -- in addition to the commercial catalog of books -- has two features that I hope will extend our ability to discuss matters of interest and importance to our field: this blog and a members area with features designed to encourage and archive community participation.

Why Memberships?

To post or comment on the blog or to participate in the members area you must establish an account at this site. Reviewing blogs of many different types makes it clear that some people can just not resist spamming, making silly or insulting comments. By requiring membership to participate these undesirables who misuse anonymity are eliminated and those who misuse the posting privilege can be banned. There is a FAQ that more fully describes membership, our privacy policy and other features of this site.

How do I blog?

Once you have established your account, an administrator will confirm your identity and assign you membership status. Once assigned the membership area and "Post new blog" and blog comments will be available to you. Please read the How To Blog pages in the membership area before you post your first blog or comment.

Wow! That's complex!

The WYSIWYG editor is actually not much different that WORD, Word Perfect, or any other web-based input editors. What it gives us is the ability to ad images, tables, and to use basic typographical features to make our posts more readable. You will also notice that there is are attachments and links features which extend the range of what you can present. I think there will be some trial-an-error in determining what files are best uploaded to the members area and which are best attached to your blog entry. For now, please keep in mind that an attachment to a blog entry will be available to anyone who visits the site and reads the blog. Member area files will be available only to other members. Be sure to include a copyright notice on any file for which you wish to require permission for further distribution. T he following form is generally sufficient:

Copyright © 2008, [Your Name], All rights reserved.

Do not upload, copy and distribute any copyrighted file. "Fair use" provisions of the copyright law permit you to use excerpts that are sufficient to make your point, for example, quotes in a book review. Images can also be copyrighted so use links unless you are sure that the image is in the public domain, or that you have explicit permission to use the image. If you have permission, be sure to credit the copyright owner.

The software from which this site is derived concentrates on community building. Although the multi-purpose input forms are more complex than those of commercial bloging software, once you have gained familiarity you will be able to express your ideas in an manner that you choose. I suspect that the multi-use forms will create some troubles at first. Because community-oriented sites are typically aimed at the more savvy user, the additional complexity is thought of as a feature, not a "bug." As regards this site, my notion was that the most active bloggers will also be the most active members and thus using the same form for every function would be easier over time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to add them in the comments or email me directly. I thank all the CMN List Service members for their contributions, for their patience with my occassional lapses and hope that you find the new site and its features to your liking.

Thank You,


Submitted by Robert Felt on January 23, 2007 - 5:10pm.
The comment editor is very simple, there are no WYSIWYG features. You should use comments for responses to blog posts, additions that others may find useful, and contributions that do not justify your own blog posting.

Robert L. Felt,

Publisher Paradigm Publications